Our company was founded by our Grandparents, Richard E. Kimball and Ruth E. Kimball, and with the combination of their names, R. E. Kimball and Company was born in 1955.  Their vision was to start a business making jams and jellies of a higher quality then what was available at the grocery store. They used the finest all natural ingredients, grade A fruits and vegetables, and 100% pure cane sugar, a tradition that continues today.  At first, they cooked the products all night long and go out during the day and sell to local farms, orchards, and specialty stores throughout New England. As soon as the word caught on that their products were better than other products on the market, the business took off! We still use the same recipes and make every one of our products the same way Richard made them back in 1955.
Joy Kimball, Richard and Ruth's daughter, was the second generation to run the business until 2008. Today the business is owned and operated by Joy’s daughters, Kim and Kate, the third generation of this family business. Our goal is simple, to continue making and providing to you exceptional jams and jellies using only the freshest ingredients and continuing the proud tradition  started all those years ago by our grandparents and taught to us by our mother. We are very proud of our family history here and very proud of the high quality products that we produce. We hope that your family enjoys them as much as our family enjoys making them for you. Come and taste the tradition.

Kim Gilbert Owen and Kate Gilbert

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