All-Natural Jams, Jellies, and Relishes, made in small batches, in flavors you won't find at the grocery store. All of our products are created in small kettle stirred batches using only the freshest fruits and vegetables. Each jar contains 9 to 10 oz. All of our products are made from the original recipes from 1955. We use no  preservatives, corn syrup, or other fillers. Many of our long time customers compare our homemade jams and jellies to those made by their own family members long ago. Try some and compare it with your own favorite today.

  Unlike our competitors, we use 100% natural pure cane sugar. We never use corn syrup as a sweetener.  We have never, and will never, use any artificial flavors or ingredients.  We also don't use automated machinery to fill our jars. Every batch we make is hand stirred with a wooden paddle in a 75 gallon kettle and every jar is hand poured. You can taste the difference in our jams simply because they are all 100% natural and made the old-fashioned way since 1955!

We currently offer our products through a few select retail outlets marketed under either our label or private label.

Our product line features only the best fruits and other ingredients, both domestic and wild. 

Thank you for visiting our web site and investigating our jam and jelly products. We are confident you will enjoy our products. If you would like to purchase our products please call us or email us  to find a store near you. If you would like more information on becoming one of our select  wholesale customers, please call or click  on the email link below and we would be happy to talk to you and explain our program..

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